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Who was Cassandra?

  • In the Iliad, she is described as the loveliest of the daughters of Priam (King of Troy), and gifted with prophecy. The god Apollo loved her, but she spurned him. As a punishment, he decreed that no one would ever believe her. So when she told her fellow Trojans that the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse...well, you know what happened.


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July 31, 2008


Words of wisdom, Beth, that I sometimes have to remind myself to remember! Thanks so much for this and the previous post.

Thanks for the fascinating summary of your father-in-law's final months. I'm glad he saw those months, in part, as an opportunity to reflect. I feel like I know him better than any man I've met who lived within ten years of his age, so he's sticking with me, I'm sure.

I'm glad you're doing well. I'm sure it's hard.


I've know death in many forms, but it's still those in war, to young, healthy, men at the peak of their life that most haunt me.

I may be wrong, but I felt that both my father and mother were ready for death, that after long illnesses they somehow knew it was time to move on.

Confronted with my own death twice in the last five years, i no longer worry about dying, but, rather, about living each day to its fullest.

Kia ora Beth,
My condolences to you. I have just returned from a week spent in the mountains where it was stormy, windy and snowy. One night I woke up to go outside the hut and looked up to see a million bright stars above me, it was lit up brilliantly. I sat there a moment and reflected. In the morning it was cloudy and rainy again. eventhough a different part of the world I hope they were the same stars you saw in you previous post. Kia kaha - Remain strong.

Such a wise and happy comment, Beth, that the real sadness is in a failure to live, rather than in the inevitable death.

"life goes on in every moment, it is we who step off the track and feel like it's going on without us"

Well said!

Hi Beth--
Beth from the Virtual Tea House here...

Do you all know about Patti Digh's site, '37 Days'? It was built because her step-father back a few years ago, was diagnosed with cancer and died 37 days later; She's been working with the theme of engaging with life ever since. She's a wonderful writer and has just published a book, 'Life is a Verb'. As part of the promotion for it, she's running an open 'contest' about what would any of us do if we really, really knew that we only had 37 days to live.

Here's the link to the entries on site--the readers of yours may want to participate.

Thanks again, Beth, for your thoughtful, heart-ful sharing of your father in law's illness and death.

I shared a story a month or so ago on the Virtual Tea House about the death of a long time friend, Katrina, 5 years ago. The writing came directly from my journal that I kept (thank goodness!) and it's called 'Katrina remembered: Yes, my love, this is how it goes'. It's a 2 part story, but you can access part 1 through this link:

Thanks again and blessings on your grief and love journey--

Keep well, Beth.

A fine, fine coda to all the posts leading up to his passing, Beth.

Dearest Beth, How can I tell you how much it means to be sitting here reading your moving posts of the last days. They have brought me so much closer to you and to all that has unfolded. Thank you for your many gifts and your grace and graciousness. Yes, and your humor. Somehow there is a completeness of the circle for me as I spend every day with these young, new lives of my grandchildren, wondering what each will hold.
Much love.

Beth - Everyday, I'm working on all of this stuff.

"and acting to change my way of living, so that I have fewer regrets."
An ongoing struggle and a true life challenge.

Thanks for the reminder. :-)

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