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Who was Cassandra?

  • In the Iliad, she is described as the loveliest of the daughters of Priam (King of Troy), and gifted with prophecy. The god Apollo loved her, but she spurned him. As a punishment, he decreed that no one would ever believe her. So when she told her fellow Trojans that the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse...well, you know what happened.


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August 21, 2013


I’m writing to ask if you remember an elderblog of a few years past, Code Name Nora. Using a novelistic style and in third-person voice, Nora wrote about life in her retirement community she called the Twilight Zone, “a hazy, purplish place between bright, vivid life and the utter darkness of oblivion.” (But not to be morbid.) I think many of you read Nora. I just wanted to tell you that the old girl is still alive, still writing, in fact blogging again, but she’s lonely and would love to have you visit. She’s concentrating now on the books she written and published on Amazon’s Kindle program—eight, would you believe it—among which is Code Name Nora. The blog address is below.

P.S. Your art work and photos are absolutely beautiful.

Mary, I'm delighted to hear you're writing and that your books are available on Amazon. I loved "Code Name Nora" and thought it was wonderfully written, honest, and often funny. I've also wondered how you were. So thanks for letting us know, and I, for one, will be over to visit regularly.

Beautiful, Beth.

My mother always planted sweet peas. I hadn't seen any for years and just spotted some in yard on a walk yesterday. I hope they are coming back in flower gardens, along with hollyhocks and other such sentimental favorites.

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