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Who was Cassandra?

  • In the Iliad, she is described as the loveliest of the daughters of Priam (King of Troy), and gifted with prophecy. The god Apollo loved her, but she spurned him. As a punishment, he decreed that no one would ever believe her. So when she told her fellow Trojans that the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse...well, you know what happened.


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December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas to you! I have so enjoyed discovering your blog these past few months thanks to Duchesse.

The best of Christmases to you and Jonathan too, dear Beth.

Merry Christmas! We have both posted snowy shots of our city... and more, I will guess, to come!

May peace be with you this Christmas time. Love to you both.

Merry Christmas!

My, that is a lot of snow. Reminds me of Winnipeg! So pleased to know that you were not hit with the ice storms elsewhere such as in Toronto.

A Happy and restful Christmas to you and Jonathan!

it kind of speaks for itself, but yes. merry christmas to you and yours.

Merry Christmas.Here where Christmas dinner will start soon it falls to me to give the grace.The one I, not given to wordiness on such occasions, favour
We give thanks
For food in a world where many walk in hungar,
For faith in a world where many walk in fear,
And for friends in a world where many walk alone

Merry Christmas, Beth, and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. And for a long, restful, quiet day after the last of the singing. Merry Christmas!

Wow. That's a lot of snow. Haven't seen that much snow in a city since the time we were in Ottawa years and years ago.
Happy New Year to you in your cozy city in the North from our warm and rainy and rainbow filled town in Hawaii!

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