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Who was Cassandra?

  • In the Iliad, she is described as the loveliest of the daughters of Priam (King of Troy), and gifted with prophecy. The god Apollo loved her, but she spurned him. As a punishment, he decreed that no one would ever believe her. So when she told her fellow Trojans that the Greeks were hiding inside the wooden horse...well, you know what happened.


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June 16, 2014


Peonies are great. They don't last long and get messy very fast. I like these sketches very much.

These are lovely. Swift and curlicued and full of information.

I can't for the life of me figure out how you make it look so possible to draw like this, Beth.

Thank you, Hattie, Clive, Vivian.

Vivian, honestly, it's mainly practice. Recently I went back through some sketchbooks from two and three years ago and was surprised how clunky the drawings looked, so I could see that there had been progress. Matisse and Picasso were masters of the effortless-seeming, flowing line, and looking at their work helps but there's no substitute for drawing, drawing, drawing. Even then, sometime the line is "there" and sometimes the effort is more apparent -- rather like poetry. The Zen teaching here, I guess, is to perform enough repetition and practice that you can (at least sometimes) let go and allow the movement to flow through you. Then and only then does it look easy. But then we can't rest in facility for its own sake, either.

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