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May 13, 2005


Beth, I've done that successfully. When you say "no luck," what exactly do you mean? Does the counter show, but no stats are collected? Does the counter not show?

There are a couple of tricks involved with using the Typelists. For example, in my "affiliations" typelist -- where my stats counter lives -- I enter the HTML in the "Notes" field and I leave the "Link title" and "Link URL" fields empty. Then, on the "Affiliations" Typelist configuration screen, I select "Display Notes as Text."

Note that you don't need a separate entry for multiple items. In other words, all those items in my "Affliations" list are contained in one Typelist item -- I just separate each of them with a couple of hard-coded line breaks. The "Notes" field is pretty small, so it's easier if you type the code in Notepad and the copy & paste it into the "Notes" field.

Does that help?

Thanks a lot, Ed, I'll try this (and maybe call you if I can't get it to work). I noticed you had a site counter on your site so I was secretly hoping you'd reply! (You ask what's happening - when I view the code in Notepad, using "View Source", it's there, but TypePad has altered it.)

Hmmm. That's odd. On the other hand, Typepad does slightly alter the code in the regular posting field to make it conform to the latest xhtml standards, but I didn't think it did that in typelists. In fact, I specifically noticed that it wasn't changing it in my Typelists.

Perhaps it changes it if you have the configuration set to display the note as a "tool tip" instead of as "Text." Check that out and let me know...

Yep, that must be it, because when I changed the configuration to "Display as Text" it suddenly worked. I sent you an email to say it's working now - thanks to you!

I use the free statcounter. I like it a lot actually.


Hi Beth - we have successfully tracked you down at Typepad. I have to say that the print is much easier to read. Looking forward to conyinued contact with you.

I use statcounter too - it seems to cover all the options I need.

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