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June 27, 2005



Maybe it's the mood I'm in today, and certainly the beauty of your words made me very sad and homesick for a certain beloved place of my childhood. This is a beautiful place, Beth, and you are fortunate it's still there to "come home" to!

Beth, you have it so right that your words give me goosebumps. Thanks for writing this.

When I left central New York it seemed like such a miserable place. So depressed and unhappy. But this picture brings back all the beauty of the place. I know what you mean about those heavy humid smells brought out my the sun on those open fields. Thank you.

Count one more pang from one more exile, in my case, I think, a permanent one.

I had gone far away since then, called other places home -- including a city where people called those black and white creatures vaches and drank their lait and ate their fromage:

There were, until not too long ago, people not far away from the Chenango Valley who milked "vaches" for "lait, fromage et beurre." I descend from them.

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