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June 20, 2005


Oh, my, what another lovely story about your father-in-law! Congratulations to him on such a healthy 96 years!

Oh my ... congratulations to him on his birthday!

You know, my father-in-law, who worked into his early 90s as a pharmacist and went everywhere at a drop of the hat, when he found himself faltering, around 97, just stopped eating, much like your father-in-law says he will do. At one point, my father-in-law started eating again ... as if he had made a choice to hang on a little longer -- or, maybe, it was hard to do, quitting life that is ... and he had to do it a few times before getting it right.

Congratulations from me also. My father will be 90 soon; may his 90s go as well!

Thanks so much for writing this, Cassandra.

How wonderful! You know, I love these various posts about your father-in-law: surely there's a book in there somewhere!

Yes, I agree, there's a book in there. I love this post and the photo of his hands writing. May he go on for some time still and stay as sharp as he is and may he have good health until he falls into the big sleep.

about knowing when they are going, this is what I wrote in my mother's eulogy, I saw the same thing.
"What I noticed, was that her inner spirit burned brighter and brighter even as her physical presence diminished. It was as if she was condensing down to the true essence of her being, glowing and sparkling despite her declining health."

Oh my! He's more here than most people twenty to fifty percent his age.

Old age may be wasted on the young as much as youth is. Too bad our culture doesn't encourage the kind of interaction and affection among generations that you have with your father-in-law.

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