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July 13, 2005


I sometimes wonder if our morbid fascination with violence is tied to our dualism of secular and religious lives. But my experiences in Canada (which seems to me far more secular than the US) thow that thought into doubt; they just don't seem that culturally different, at least on a superficial level.

My suspicion is that they are just smarter than us, and have better priorities.

Beth, I so appreciate this beautiful photo of corn, and the attention and love that would feature a photo of corn, something 'ordinary' and almost taken for granted. Right from the start of this war which, as an American, I do not support, I've felt that I want to continue to appreciate the gift of peace wherever I can find it. The beauty of plants, the wonder of wholesome and beautiful food,as catalogued here, the sight of a Vermont farm (I've been there, and I know how magical it is), and the presence of books and a piano in a room. Thank you so much, Beth, for re-affirming these realities, and for continuing to value them.

And 'Amen' to the grateful part.

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