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July 28, 2005



We aren't a farm (unless rhubarb counts) but our "patio" tomato(e)s are starting to produce. So far none of the ripe ones have made it into the house; indeed, they haven't lasted more that a few seconds before being devoured (cherry tomato(e)s).

Maybe you have some patio space that is sunny enough to grow your own sometime? There are some excellent varieties that do well that way.

Inspiration from the great Guy Clark:

Thanks Robert! I loved the song lyrics! Our terrace here is too shady for tomatoes, but back in Vermont I've always grown my own - this is the first year without in, well, at least thirty years. In the fall I plan to rototill my old now-overgrown garden and start a new smaller plot from scratch, where tomatoes will definitely be planned for the following spring. Otherwise, they'll be in pots.

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