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July 12, 2005


lol, apparently that is what he believes.

I fail to find the humour in this. This guy who has the mental capabilities of a mean small child is ruling the country.

Joerg, I certainly didn't mean that I found any humor in it either. His ignorance is beyond appalling -- it's driving an insane policy that is making the world more dangerous every day. I did find the statement illuminating, in that it shows where he (and his advisors, apparently) are really coming from.

Well, personally, I think it's both informative and hilarious.

I have no intention of taking George W. seriously, no matter how much death, suffering, and havoc he may wreak. (Or -- a better verb perhaps -- represent.)

Joerg, I certainly agree with your assessment of W.

:)@ dale's comment and especially at his use of 'represent'.

Beth, I was referring to gulnaz's "lol" comment. Sorry for the confusion!

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