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July 25, 2005



Peace to you. _/\_

" tilting a little like rock layers exposed along a road cut,"

Hi, Beth.

Ah, Beth. The books that go in, the music that comes out -- how I identify with that.

Music does have an ability to touch the soul, doesn't it? I like one person's observation that it cystalized the emotions. How wonderful to be able to play the music for oneself, to have the deepest emotions not just brushed against from the outside, but to bring them up from inside and feel them transformed into something of beauty and power.

This was a powerful entry, Beth. Thanks for sharing.

I always love what you write when you're feeling a bit sad. Wonderful to have such words and allusions to express it.

It's been a while since you posted such a poignant entry. This is classic Cassandra and what keeps me coming back day after day. Like a ghost I hover in the corner of your room and watch you spill through your gamut of emotions and feel as if I am there with you, feeling the melancholy. It is especially strong with the counterpoint of J. pulling the string between you both. Your life seems so precious and thoroughly lived. And I end up aching for my own life.

and you play the piano too!!!
wow you really are one talented woman. it was a treat to read such a poignant and lovely post!

I don't know why but it's a struggle for me to leave comments, even (and especially) when it's after posts I am moved by. Maybe I should only leave Dale's inspired (o).


I'm a bit late here, catching up with reading after being away. Beth, yours was the first one I read last night, and as always very beautifully written and very moving. I felt speechless, too and still am without words today. Others have said it well! Thank you for sharing and hope you are feeling better, and soon can get back to your book!

I went to London for a trip between the two bombings. It was very strange being there but one of the things the bombings has done is made me feel more connected rather than less connected. One of the victims in the first bombings was a young muslim woman who was the bank teller who served the friend I stayed with in London often. Rather than making me feel that the world is more terrible and random and awful its made me feel more how connected we are to each other and how we have to look after each other.


I hope that your back is better

This is heartening. Thank you.

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