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August 30, 2005




Yes, very nice.

evocative shot and lovely poetry

I like this even better on second reading/viewing. There's a great motion to the piece; the form (though not the content) reminds me of a slinky going down the stairs.

Thanks, all!

I concur with all of the above, though I'm still not sure what a hay(no)ku actually is.

Oops. Scrolling down, I see you've already answered the question. My apologies.

The photo and the poem are both really beautiful. And beauty's much needed in the face of today's news headlines. Might try my hand at hai(no)ku - Ilove the shape of it.

Yes, what they all said. Beautiful. And the form is tempting indeed.

Then jump on in! Let's see some more of these! (People seem to play with them - they can be as short as one tercet, and they can also run backwards: 3 words, then 2, then 1.) I found it really fun to try a new form of poetry - but I am a fan of limitations in creative endeavor. Ironically, sometimes imposing limitations is what helps me get unstuck, or find a new path toward greater freedom of expression...

Wow. It's beautiful, Beth. The first stanza is so evocative; it sets the whole piece in motion and then it evolves into unsuspected places.

Thank you!


Wondrous. Vital. Youthful and flowing with juices. Thank you! And I love the picture too.

Thank you all, and thank you again for the inspiration, Ernesto.

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