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September 09, 2005


Lovely! My favourite is the tree roots!

Very nice photo of roots - though i don't think i'd describe the effect as calming.

What fabulous photos - I love them all, though I see what Dave means about the tree roots!

It's funny, to me those roots felt comforting. I love trees anyway, especially old trees, and as a child I loved to make troll houses around their roots. I think they feel to me like the wrinkled face of an old person who has lived a lot, and their character and wisdom shows in their face. But I can see the tortured, suffering, long-lived soul interpretation too!

You've been visiting Monet's universe, I see :-)

Lovely photos.

My goodness, what lovely pictures. I'm with you: I think the roots are very comforting. It's a solace, somehow, to connect with a life that is so much older than you are, that has probably endured as many or more trials than you have, and yet has endured with rich character -- if not exactly beauty -- intact.

They're all lovely. I thought the one of the tree roots looked like a closeup of, or a study for, some Medieval etching. And the bottom looks like an Impressionist painting. Very interesting series.

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