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September 18, 2005


We, in the UK, greatly appreciated the papers publishing a picture of the note that he sent to Ms Rics during the recent UN debates (I believe?) asking permission to go to the bathroom...

we knew he couldn't ride a bike without stabilisers

now it seems he needs someone to take him to the toilet


no, really, we are genuinely amused!

I posted about the PPT a while back (http://velveteenrabbi.blogs.com/blog/2004/06/may_god_bless_a.html). To my surprise, many months after I made the post, a woman who's part of the prayer team saw it and contacted me, urging me to join! *g* I wrote back and explained, as politely as I could, that despite her warm welcome I just can't feel comfortable involving myself with an organization whose statement of faith negates me and my theology...

I found this pic a while back on the satirical site www.whitehouse.org:


It's a piss-take, but after looking at the Presidential Prayer Team site, I wonder if they didn't manufacture it themselves?

Specially liked the dog tags...

Ps -- thanks for the link, by the way! Quite chuffed to think you wondered over to Notes for a little Sunday reading. Funnily enough I've actually been making my way down your sidebar lately, and have been finding some real treasures...

Love that halo.

But for REAL halos, you're right, the wearers are over there in my sidebar! Would love to know sometime what you're finding that you especially like.

I'm on their mailing list. Seriously. I submitted several ridiculous names of fanciful soldiers to them a couple years ago, and as far as I know, goodthinkful Christolators have been praying for their safety ever since. And getting free updates on the activities of the PPT from time to time definitely strengthens my faith. Truly stupid people were put here by a fun-loving deity for our amusement, I'm convinced of it.

Re: the ones I especially like -- yes, definitely -- we must discuss further one of these days, over that long overdue coffee...

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