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September 12, 2005


How funny, how sweet, how beautifully observed.

Yes, I completely agree with Jean. I love the details in this piece. Perfect.

What wonderful slices of life.

The second, in particular, offers some cheer in a moment when I needed it; thank you.

Nice juxtaposition!

I couldn't help wondering how I might have answered that woman.
"Does American culture come up here?"
"No, they stop it at the border and beat it to death with heavy clubs in order to preserve their colorful native folkways untarnished for the tourists."
"No. America is a dim rumor beyond the horizon. Expect to endure the open stares of unkempt children and their gap-toothed parents at every town and crossroads."
"No, American culture turns frigid up here and rarely comes at all."

Did you see "The Canadian Conspiracy"? CBC special of satirical content about 15 years ago," A mockumentary illustrating a supposed conspiracy to infilitrate American culture through employment in the entertainment industry" -IMDB.

Sorry to have missed your blog so long, I bookmarked just the one archive insted of the main page, and thought you weren't posting. Finally got some sleep and figured it out. duh.

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