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September 20, 2005


Happy birthday, Beth!

So your eyes were gorgeous back then as well?

Happy birthday, sis.

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Beth!

Happy birthday!!!

Many happy returns, Our Beth! Hilarious photo. Were you told that Pica and I invoked you rePEAtedly during our recent hedonist foray? We knew you'd've loved it, and wished you were there.

And welcome to Typepad; I've never had any trouble with it--

Many Happy Returns to you, Beth!

Happy Brithday, Beth!! I'm so glad to have met you, a wonderful writer and virtual friend. Blessed with good genes too!

Happy Birthday! Relaxed happiness - now there's something a Virgo rarely stops to enjoy. Savor it, and maybe add more of it to your new year! (Great photo!)

Happy birthday. Did you do freeweight back then? Look at your toned arm.

Am I late to wish you a very happy birthday?

Best wishes from another virtual friend...

Happy birthday! You were beautiful then as you are now!

Wonderful photo - you made my morning. But then, you quite often do that!

Thank you all for these wonderful birthday wishes! They are very, very much appreciated.

Belated birthday best from Bonnie and me!

Another belated birthday best -- but I have to confess that I squirm whenever someone talks about surprise parties around me because of the amount of lying it always takes to pull it off.

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