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October 09, 2005


Thank you, Beth, again, for a wonderful post. I envy your ability to let words flow; you give a pristine "ink polaroid" of your day in NYC. Sometimes comparisons are unavoidable, but you are right; each city should be understood and experienced in its own terms. I look forward to reading more about your days in the big apple. Warm regards from here.

visiting publisher! does this mean that your book is still on?

Really, sinks made from geodes? Really? Sheesh! How would you clean that after you spit toothpaste into it?

The things people think of. Makes me feel like such a yokel. Aw, shucks.

Such a wonderful post. Thank you.

Wonderful post & pix. I'm sorry we didn't get to meetup, but maybe next time. I'm glad to see you got to walk the Brooklyn Bridge: that was on my agenda, but the weather interfered.

Interesting, I repeatedly rode the subway without problem, although it was scary to note that there wasn't much of the way of additional (visible) security given the terror alert. The only time my bag was searched was heading back from Coney Island on Friday night, when the station was nearly empty.

great photos and post. haven't been to manhattan in a long time - great fun...thanks!

I've always loved cities, but now I am truly comfortable in them.


Yes, New York makes Montreal feel small. But then, New York makes Los Angeles and London feel small.

Great post. Welcome back. J


This is a little appalling: on first sight, before recognition, I saw a cemetery. Top photo. Headstones crowded. It kind-of made me reel. I experienced it as such, for a moment. I think a strong cue was the fence.

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