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November 19, 2005


As a frequent visitor to Canada, I have ot echo Mr Porter's sentiments. It is indeed refreshing to leave the devisive rhetoric behind me as I cross the border.

Thanks for some great links, Beth. Reading about Robinson reminds me again of the fractious history of Protestantism and how it still continues.

Porter's article must make Canadians feel good and remind them to try to keep it together and not get so divisive over politics. But which Porter is he? Googling gave me several answers such as this one, referring to a British author of the American magazine Vanity Fair: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/authors/Henry_Porter.htm

Well, Depardieu reading "The Confessions ..."! He actually does have the most beautiful speaking voice, but his visual appearance is so overwhelming that one can lose sight of the fact. I wish I could have been there ..

I too would have loved to see Depardieu reading the Confessions; I suspect he and the young Augustine would have had a great time together, and his voice is irresistible.

After looking at Liu Zheng's photographs at the first link I was seized by the need to know their gender. I think I hoped the photographer was a woman, but it transpires (at the second link) that he's not.

I wonder why this is.

Great pictures.

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