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November 30, 2005


My lights are eight shades of pink.

Well, the things you learn reading blogs. I didn't know that about the populairty of blue in Quebec either!

Thinking about the blue lights takes me back to my youth growing up in Ohio. My mother always had the deep blue lights displayed on Christmas candelabras.

I think the world may be growing bored with tiny white lights. The mystery of deep blue sounds intensely appealing to me. You'll have to take a photograph of them!

Blue is the colour of the BVM for RCs-- the Anglican or Sarum practice has been to use rose.

Thanks, Austin - is there some source for information like this? Do other saints have specific colors associated with them? I'm Anglican and I've never known about the rose color association, but I do know Anglicans who plant blue gardens in honor of Mary. Maybe that is more of a high church tradition?

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