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November 25, 2005


You got my vote, Beth! Interesting list of links to explore there, I'm surprised how few I recognize, like where have I been?!

Heading over there now, Beth.

Thanks, Patry - there were a number of new-to-me blogs too. And Marja-Leena, you should be on the Best Culture Blog list for sure.

Voted! You might mention that yours is sixth from the end, because that's a long list and my tired old eyes had to go through it twice to pick yours out.

Done! Thanks, LH. I wasn't sure if the blog positions in the list were shifting around day by day. But it seems stable now.

It was my pleasure to nominate you. I really like your words. The order of entries is the order that they were nominated. I just recently discovered jonzphotos and really like the body of work. The narrative with each photo makes it special among other photoblogs.

Hi Beth... you've got my vote. Good luck with it.... you've got one of the best blogs and not just in Canada!

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