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December 21, 2005


Beth: this is the most enchanting afternoon I've read about for a long time. How exquisitely you tell of fighting it then acquiescing. Nothing like a little enforced slowness...

Yes, I agree with Pica. Enchanting is the word. Like time out from life, though actually it is far more in touch with reality than our normal lives.

Thanks for your kind wishes, Beth, and may your holidays be joyful and peaceful ...

Wow, that sounds so nice. Sort of like a chalet in the middle of the city.

I should caution you (and others) about drinking water from the hot water tap. Water heaters are not exactly the most sanitary places -- they can be breeding grounds for bacteria, and rust and metals can get into the water from the heating elements.

Almost two years ago, Boxing Day, the snow came down, the power went out, and we huddled in all our clothes and waited. Truely memorable, silent and peaceful, if isolated and cold.

Sounds like a perfect way to spend the Solstice hours. But I'm glad the light and heat came back!

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