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December 10, 2005


Good leadership goes only as far as good followers will let it.
This is a bad thing and a good one at once, because a visionary might be able to persuade his troops to begin to do something wonderful, only to lose them when they lose confidence amid all the changes (it's way too late to think of examples at the moment); and yet he (or she) might coax people to accept good ideas to a point and at least make some progress. Also, many great ideas are awful when taken to an extreme, and it's not a bad thing for an essentially conservative public to drag its heels a little till the consequences become visible.
But BAD ideas, in bad hands, make a mess that it will take decades to clean up.
(I think a certain holder of high public office was selected for his reliability and marketed like so much toothpaste, and now we're getting toothpaste leadership, abrasive and gummy at once, and stains that will have to be scrubbed from the sink.)

Good night!

I was working at the Global Warming Conference when Clinton gave his speech. I can tell you the vibe (I am not a bit "New Age"- this was very tangible)completely changed in the building. It was, to say the least, an interesting experience. Unfortunately, the BBC can't convey the atmosphere during the speech or the very tangible charisma of Mr. Clinton. I am fairly certain that this speech moved forward the negiotations quite a bit. This is more based on impression than actual fact, but this is an impression I trust.

Motivation, properly has on more than one occassion won great battles when defeat seemed almost certain.

I'm waiting to see if Clinton can be as good an ex-president as Carter. He has the capacity, even if not in as good health and probably a lot less focused (he knows a lot about a lot of things, but needs to channel his considerable energy and charisma into a particular focus). I hope he can do that.

Wow!!! That was excellent and very inspiring. I have really missed Clinton since he left the presidency. Thank you for the link.

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