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January 27, 2006


O yes. Beautifully said.

Wonderful. That will go over my doorway: liminal words for liminal spaces.

That photo is perfect! It strikes me that just as the billboard you quote gives a simplistic view of God, that ad gives a simplistic view of sexuality. They say that sex sells, but I'd say that Simplistic Sentiment sells. Not true simplicity, mind you: there's nothing more simple than looking. But folks seem to crave simplistic answers. If X is wrong, simply do Y. So, if your sex life is lacking, buy this cologne. If your spiritual life is lacking, attend this church. In either way, the allure is the Instant Fix.

It's never, of course, quite that simple.

Magic Jesus, say the word and you get a miracle!

Love the wading pool metaphor, perfect.

I just can't understand why anyone would want such a simple answer to life and the way the world works. Sure, life can be harsh and unfair and painful, but that is what life is, isn't it? What else could it be? It's why life struggles the way it does and why biologically all creatures find some way to adapt themselves to the reality. Isn't a way of life and a philosophy that celebrates strength and dignity in the face of hardship, along with an acceptance that the struggle is the point of living, the most realistic and effective antidote to despair? Doesn't the very act of living and the ability to feel pain defy the great slide of entropy? I feel pain! I live despite disease and bad luck and heartbreak! I breathe! I wake up and there shines the sun! How unlikely! What wonder! What joy!

Dark? Silence?

You people obviously need the wonder-working name of Jesus.

I think this might be the time to mention this site and the Ohio phenomenon it applies to ...


*Feeling down? Look. Keep looking into the dark and listening to silence.*
What are you saying - some people wouldn't find that kind of advice uplifting? I do! (And it resonates much more clearly with two millennia of Christian tradition than the cheery slogan about looking up - ugh.)

(Hmm, I am guilty of leaving a comment before reading what others had to say. Sorry for the redundancy. Lorianne and butuki in particular say things I strongly agree with.)

Beth, sadness is always going to be necessary. So much of life is sad.
"Keep looking into the dark and listening to silence."
But I would add the other side of that coin:
Keep looking into the light and singing.

And keep flipping that coin.
If you flip it fast enough, head-or- tail merges into one.

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