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January 13, 2006


What a pic.
J. had better watch out. He's not obviously the better photographer!

Thank you, Beth.

...She looks so cold! In many ways.

Yes, quite shivery in her pink and black!

TC - that's a real compliment, thanks. Actually this *is* kind of a "J." picture - his photography really taught me to see this sort of thing and wait for the moment that makes it funnier, sadder, more ironic.

One commenter at qarrtsiluni, at your contribution, used the word 'meditative' and it struck me that, yes, your writing is just that, Beth. Always they are beautiful meditations about your world and your observations and feelings about it, for which I'm very grateful. May your writing keep flowing as you meet your deadlines!

What a great photo! I love the woman in the front looking at the poster. Also, your description of driving along the flat white fields was beautiful.

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