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February 10, 2006


Oh Beth, these are delightful and bring happy memories of childhood for me too! It's funny how a name so similar to mine, but familair to you, can jump out at you. The connection makes the find much more exciting, doesn't it? Thank you for this charming (and very timely) little gift. I wish I had bookmarked a modern day paper doll designer's site that I came across long ago, she is also Finnish. I gather it's quite a big thing in some circles, even for adults.

Oh I love this, thank you! I was also a huge fan of paper dolls as a child, but the US and Finnish ones are new to me - my best friend at work is a Finnish woman of our vintage and I'll have to show this to her too.

This reminds me of the paper dolls my sister and I used to make. We made hundreds of them, princes and princesses and courtiers of an unknown court. I wonder what ever became of them? they were just crude drawings cut out of typing paper. I can't remember that we ever did anything with them but make them. But maybe they had cloaks and tiaras and beards and so forth, too, that you could put on and take off? And we must have made tableaux, because I remember how difficult it was to make stands for them. Huh...

Ah, I found you again! (Thanks, Dale.)

This brought back a lot of memories for me, too - including, like Dale, lots of homemade versions and yeah, the stands were tricky. I remember at one point being led by my older sister into making a pop musician set of paper dolls, completely with microphone accessories and bell-bottom pants... can't remember who they were supposed to represent, though!

Thanks for this dolls cutout link. It helped the school holidays along!

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