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February 07, 2006


Glad to hear all is well with your health and your book, Beth! Interesting connections you make here, and the analogy of being washed upon an unfamiliar beach with sand and sunlight in your eyes. Indeed you have experienced a lot, but you are looking ahead with confidence and inner joy intact! May it be a good year ahead!

Huge, indescribably vast congratulations! You DID it!

Congratulations Beth. Whatever's next, may it contain much joy.

Beth, toutes mes felicitations and Merde (as we say, in a term of endearment) for the finishing of the book and for its huge success and also for the all-clear on the health front. You get medals and extra helpings of everything for managing to stick to your deadline and getting the work done, regardless of health worries. Bravo and hugs.

Thank you all so much! The support I've received from friends and family during this book project has been such a huge help, and I really, really thank you.

I'm happy to hear that your medical issues resolved in your favor. And the book! You sounded very casual about sending it off but I am sure you were jumping for joy! Congratulations!

Congratulations on the milestone, and glad to hear that the scare turned out all right in the end. Have fun with the editing process! :)

First. Congratulations! There is something deeply satsifying, sad, and relieving about finishing a book, isn't there?

Second, I'm glad that the medical problems were laid to rest. I know exactly how you feel about the terror.

I know you're going to write more about it, but just a question (since I'm thinking seriously about moving to Canada and have to consider diabetic care) would you recommend the Canadian medical system? (I'm terrified of the antideluvian Japanese system here, and have no faith in being able to financially keep up with the American system).


Beth, I haven't managed to get in here for days, my browser kept erroring out, so I'm just now seeing this. Congratulations!

So happy for you on both fronts!

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