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April 05, 2006


"I'm hoping he'll come home with something for a treat."

And with any luck, he'll also bring some pastries with him. ;)

Yeah - but he didn't! He brought all kinds of good things, but no pastries! Guess I'll have to roll up my sleeves and get out the flour and butter, like that poor food editor at the Times!

Thank you ! :-)))

Great blogs, thank you! It had never occurred to me to look for blogs by cooks. I adore Middle Eastern food - all except the pastries, which are too sweet for even my sweet tooth. The availability of good food is great touchstone of a decent place to live for me too. When I go to the local 'convenience' store and see the shelves and shelves of disgusting, inedible food and smell the stale, sour smell of it, it seems to be the smell of all that is wrong with the way we live and my heart swells with passionate anger - and so it should! Good food keeps us sane and anchored in our senses. Global migration and the money migrants can make by offering their national cuisine are a great assurance that decent and varied food cannot be stamped out. Sorry, what were you talking about? Oh, yes, pastries...

Oh Yum. Thanks Beth. I'll look forward to reading these blogs more carefully.

(Jean, you GO girl.)

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