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May 01, 2006


My wife's family is from Cortland, so that's not too far away from you. Cortland is also one of the poorest regions in the state of NY, so I've been told. I hope your mother recovers fast. My own mother is also sick, but I can't visit her for a few days since she's in Europe. I try to visit every 8 months or so, even though that's not good for my budget and global warming. Immigration has its drawbacks.

And it's indeed a nice and early spring. I was in the Adirondacks yesterday and truly enjoyed the nice fresh air. But I can't describe it as poetic as you can. Thanks for doing so, reading your blog is always a pleasure.

Some of your best writing is nature writing. This was lovely.
I remember watching sunfish darting about in the clear water around my grandfather's dock in Canada, seemingly suspended in midair with just a ripple now and then to remind me that I was on the outside, looking in.
For all that I grew up near the Susquehanna, I have no such memories of the river. Maybe it was a boy thing -- what I DO remember is heaving rocks at swarms of clustering waterbugs that would scatter and reform, seemingly indifferent to my assaults.
Didn't Freud have a lot to say about water dreams?

I thought of you when I posted a pic of hepaticas yesterday:

(scroll about halfway down...)

Wow, that was nice, Beth. I have only been where I am for eleven years. Like everyone, I sometimes think of moving, but I couldn't leave the rocks. If I left now I would never get to know myself. I think I am somewhere in the "configuration". If I saw warblers in another state, or even in a nearby county, what would they tell me about my warblers, in my woods, on my rocks?

Also love the place names of the valleys. What a home you have!

Also: you leave the lake, the waters of your unconscious, to walk into the woods where you come to berth in a "sea of white trillium"! You are dripping wet!

Hope your mom could taste your borrowed fragrance! I know I'm incoherent here, but I am imagining you must have been a refreshing presence to your parents, as you were, mingled with spring in the home woods you all share.

They don't call it Vermont, the Green Mountain State, for nothing. Beautiful observations and writing, Beth. Glad you have the lovely spring coming to life for comfort and a break from the anxieties of your mom's illness.


When the rest of life seems rocked with turmoils it helps to sit on the ground and let the earth connect you to a little piece of stability doesn't it? I'm sending you light and hope.

Thanks for the post; we're wishing your mother well.

Beth: As I've said before, I send you much love and support during this time of caring for your mother. In this post, it sounds as if you are truly allowing nature to nurture you. We so need grounding during these life passages! I alsoloved your post on Jung. I am deeply grateful for his spirituality. I will have to read this memoir.

You write well. Contact with nature has been a major force in the development of my inner life as well.

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