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June 02, 2006


Strength, grace, courage, yes
I wish you all of these
But do not underestimate the effect of bereavement on your health
Take time to weep and wail, to feel the sadness of a little girl who has lost her Mom and will never fill that void
Take time to grieve
and then, in time, I promise you, the world will start to heal and you will suddenly be filled with memories of your childhood and your mother that you thought you'd long forgotten.... it's almost like grief purges and then comes a calm acceptance that unlocks hidden treasures from The Past that fill you with smiles and comfort you and you feel that your mother is still with you, just out of sight....

I am very sorry to have a mother's death in common with you. It's a club that no one wants to belong to... indeed one does not even know it exists until one belongs.

I hope your grief will be the teacher for you that mine has been for me. It changes, it waxes and wanes, it is never the same... let no-one tell you how to mourn.

Blessings and peace...

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