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June 13, 2006


Beth, this is so inspiring and exciting. And momentous. Don't get frayed, though. Keep the calm centre. I'm so looking forward to hearing about this from you as events unfurl, and I wish I could be there and claim a signed first edition.

By the way, I know you are versatile, but your output is prodigious! I clicked on Amazon's author link and discovered how busy you have been over the years, writing and illustrating. Little did I suspect that your range of output is as diverse as to include both "Madam 90210: My Life as Madam to the Rich and Famous" and the seminal, but perhaps less popular "Optical devices for adults with low vision: A systematic review of published studies of effectiveness". Wow!

Beth, if you want any Columbus tips send me an email. My wife and I have been living in Columbus for about six years now. My cousin is attending the convention with a delagation from Pennsylvania. Small world.

Yes, qB, isn't it amazing? But you are the one who is industrious and curious - I haven't even clicked on that author link yet to see what my various selves have been up to! Thanks for sharing your personal favorites from the list.

I was interviewed a couple of days ago by a reporter who seriously thought I *had* written one of the book she found online - something about religion - and was quite surprised when I told her no, this is my first book!

Douglas, thank you so much! I am all set for this visit and will barely have time to breathe, but who knows, maybe someday I will come back to Columbus. I'll be visiting old friends there too, and wishing I had time to discover the city as well as spend more time with them.

Beth, I second qB's observation...I did what she did and was impressed, enlightened and inspired.

Beth, I admire your engagement in this, and the way you're engaged in it, so much.

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