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August 15, 2006


That was so funny, I suggested it to all my emailable friends. Wow.

Haven't read it yet but, having peeked into his blog intermittently over the past couple of years, I am looking forward to it. Maciej is a really good writer. I love his motto too: "brevity is for the weak."

Crankypants of the world, unite!

Glad you agree, Zhoen!

Teju - yes, I think a lot of us out here are pleased (and vindicated) by Maciej's motto!

Everything he's bene writing is especially interesting to me, because I have a dear Chinese friend in Beijing but have never been there, and never met her in person - and of course these are the sorts of things she doesn't say. The pollution report frightens me but it is exactly what I've heard from other visitors - another friend of mine came back from there with a form of pollution-induced asthma, never having had a breathing problem in his life.

Very funny stuff.

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