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August 08, 2006


Hello Beth...
There are no coincidences. I read those chapters from your book last night, as I commented on Fr. Jakes site... I wept for an hour reading about the security and the hatred of such vile and ignorant people. The Consecration mass - just reading about it, filled me with the same emotions that I felt the first time I sat in awe of a papal mass as a young bright eyed boy, that was then, this is now. How times change.

What broke my heart was when the business of church was over and Gene hid his cross before the vacation - and upon returning home, found that the cross was missing from where it was hidden. My heart just broke. And I have not yet hit a point in the book that you tell us what really happened and if it was found or had finally been replaced, I may get there before I finish the book.

Which made me consider the thought, it was the chain around Genes neck - outside the Cathedral - that Thursday night that I sought when I introduced myself to Gene before the service oh not to mention his "Purple shirt." I have to say that this portion of the book was spiritually cathartic, and it made me weep.

I have personally never faced Westboro church, God forgive them. I cannot bring myself to even want to pray for their souls after Matthews death and what they did to his family and friends and what they continue to do to this day. God forgive me. I just could not imagine the feeling of what that post card with such a beautiful visual on it could also carry such hatred for another human being. That was completely heartless and vile. Your writing is cathartic for me. What a blessing to have these words to share with others.

Peace be with you

This is wonderful. Congratulations again on your book, Beth!

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