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September 13, 2006


I'm so sorry to hear about this...

This is an unspeakable tragedy. CNN is now saying that the gunman was killed by police & that a female victim has died. You have to wonder what would motivate someone to do something so senseless & deranged: I know that's an unanswerable question.

I hadn't realized that the 1989 shooting was in Montreal. I was a college student in Ohio at the time, and the thought of being shot for being a student & a woman really frightened me. Around the same time, there had been a shooting in a Buddhist temple somewhere, so when I first started meditating & going to a Zen temple, I used to have panic attacks about being shot in the back while I sat. I guess nowhere is safe these days, and I'm sure it is traumatic & frightening to have that message made real in your own city.

I heard about this on the news and I thought of you, Beth... the news is truly shocking even at a distance.

I heard about this on the bbc news and was very shocked. Montreal is not a place one associates with senseless violence. I vividly remember the event in 1989. Thinking of you hearing the sirens pass your house, Beth, and how horrible that is. I'm so sorry.

There is no reason; it is beyond rationality; nothing can condone or explain such savage destruction. A gaping hole in the world: another one. A sick person who didn't receive the help or love he needed and went on a rampage and is now dead. A shocked country. Our children, our beautiful children at risk even in school... One woman killed and six others in critical condition. Days of tears and roses. xo

This morning's Wash Post headline calls attention to the fact that he was a blogger.

Mass shootings without clear cause or reason used to be such an American phenomenon. I am so sad to hear this.

Shocking and awful, sad and so close to home. One of the comments in the paper was that these type of incidents are "suicide notes" as in most cases the killer dies either by his own hand or shot by the police. The 1989 L'Ecole Polytechnique shootings brought calls for gun controls in Canada, and that's being mentioned again. How to find and hlep these sick people?

So sorry. I know the wound this sort of thing makes in the mind.

It's been a while, Beth. I come back after months away and the first post I read is this. Sad to think that such things happen, but after these last five years nothing shocks me any more.

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