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January 23, 2007


Beth: I do prefer this, because I read blogs in the morning at home where we are still on dial-up (one of the last households in California, I'm sure). Waiting for photos to load in the aggregator is tiresome. I almost always click through also, but when it's going to be image-heavy, I wait till I get to work where we have a fast connection.

Thanks, Beth! It seems to be working now. I am puzzled by your and Pica's comment about images, though. Full content feeds by definition include images. When I was on dial-up, Bloglines was especially useful because, even in the case of partial-content feeds, it allowed me to go straight to individual posts, which invariably load more quickly than an an entire blog. Whether the photos come into the reader, or whether one has to click on the post link to view them, the download time is the same.

Bloglines, and I guess some other feed readers, do give subscribers the option of subscribing to excerpts, so people should still be able to keep images out of their feeds, I think.

This worked retroactively, too. Google Reader, which I just started using, includes older posts I've already read (one of the nice features that makes me prefer it over Bloglines). Your posts back through January 12 are full content with images intact. Before that, for some reason, there are only excerpts - must be some sort of automatic cut-off.

One final thought: You said that you "hope that if your feed doesn't publish photos, you will still go to the site occasionally and see the visual content as well." I haven't checked out more than a handful of feed readers, but isn't it the case that those that don't publish images also don't publish full content? Users of such aggregators would expect to have to click though, I should think.

I've been wondering about the same issues, about wishing people to read my blog directly, so this is more food for thought!

Beth, I just happend to notice that your "Recovery" series looks a bit odd in my news reader - all the apostrophes are triple question marks ???

Which news reader are you using, Marja-Leena?

Thanks for doing this; I love to be able to read full posts at Bloglines. Makes me feel *a little* more productive and *a little* less guilty about how many I read as I make my blog rounds! ;)

Thank You for switching. I too have dial-up at home.Ok,I'll admit. I rather spend my money on books than a faster connection. But some days I do go to the actually site to read post

Cathy and Diana - thanks for letting me know, and for reading!

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