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February 14, 2007


Beth, this is so perfect a Valentine post, not a word or feeling out of place. All the rest of the manufactured mushy slushy sentimentality of an entirely fictitious feast can be dumped but you've made a simple evening's report into a genuine love poem.

Thank you Natalie, I'm so glad you felt that way!

Yes, as Natalie said! Thank you for such a lovingly written glimpse into your life as a couple, how the seemingly ordinary and everyday can be extraordinary.

Mmm. Just lovely, Beth. Perfect.

Beautiful, Beth. One of my favorites, even as I sit beside my heater, trying to remove the chill of a Michigan winter.

I second (third?) the motion. That really is lovely.

Oh, Beth, thank you!

I've always felt that winter was the best season for city life. Thanks for sharing...really enjoyed this.

Wow, you make winter sound almost bearable! ;-)


A moving and courageous account....

Oh Beth. :-)


This is a really good post.

That we are here for now, that we can love for now: it covers, as they say, a multitude of sins.

This is deeply felt and generously written, Beth. Thank you for sharing it.

I feel this more and more when I read certain blog posts: what in the world do I possibly have in way of response? Witness is an entirity.


Ohhh.....beth, it's beautiful. I read and read it again.

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