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February 22, 2007


Ash Wednesday is always a special day for me. I enjoyed your take on it. I took my grandaughter to the 7:30 pm mass at the Catedral de la Epifania here in Sioux City. We got there 15 minutes early. People were waiting outside in the cold Iowa winter. There were well over athousand people there. Most of the people were hispanic but there were a sprinkling of Anglos and Vietnamese. This mass is in Spanish. The English mass was at 10:30 am and there was no Vietnamese mass that day. We were able to find a spot near the front. My grandaughter sat on my lap. She was very exited to go to this mass. They had been studying about it at her Lutheran preschool. She only knows a little Dora the Explorer Spanish but enjoyed the mass and was very exited to receive the ashes. I had been babysitting here that evening while my daughter was going to night school at the community college. Her class was business ethics I think. Now tonight(friday) I have to find a good fish fry....Maybe at St Mikes....

This is a moving reflection--I was struck by the number of ash-marked foreheads I saw yesterday, in this more-Catholic-than-home city.

And is that you I see on the letters page of the NYT this morning? Bravo.

similar to the bodhisattva vow - this penitence for the world - would you say? religions are so very similar it amazes me that we can get so belligerent about the small differences.

I am with Connie, I despair, at times...

Yes, Connie and Mouse, I agree. Which is one more reason to reflect on it this season and see if there is something more to do personally to try to bridge the gaps. I've worked quite a lot to try to understand Islam, to get to know Muslims as good friends, and to try to make myself a bridge between Muslims and Christians. of course this does nothing on a grand scale, but I know it helps me and helps some others on an individual level, and it's also raised awareness within some communities of which the participants and I are a part. We can all do something - which is the essence of the bodhisattva vow, isn't it?

I wish everyone who reads this blog and isn't Muslim would at least visit a mosque, with an open mind and heart. Or any place of worship that is a different tradition from their own.

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