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February 08, 2007


Your link to the photo-essay isn't working, though I went to the blog and found it anyway, irresistibly drawn by the first photo. He captures so wonderfully the atmosphere and colours I remember perfectly from my only visit to Cairo many years ago. I was interested to actually see a couple of veiled women in the cafes pictured. No veils when I was there. But no women at all in the cafes either.

I must look for that travel book - a travel book that includes Basho, wow! Just been reading the Granta issue on travel from last year, which I somehow buried and didn't read when it came out. Terrific stuff, but such a desperate striving for originality, a new angle, post-modern self-questioning - I was wondering if it's really necessary. Most of still will never visit many parts of the world and would just like to hear about them through sensitive eyes and in eloquent and poetic voices.

Jean, thanks, the link is working now. I'm glad to hear about your memories of Cairo, since I haven't been there myself and would like to go. J. was there once, but a very very long time ago. Let me know if you find that travel book - maybe Hatchard's has it? What you say about the essays in Granta is the way I feel about much of what's being written for journal publication now - and it's too bad.

thanks for linking to me. hope you come to my blog sometime :)

Dear Hadeel - Thanks so much! I left a comment on your blog - I really enjoyed reading the current posts and will come back to read more. Hope you'll keep reading mine too.

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