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February 20, 2007


Oh my, how wonderful to have such strong music in your city. We, too, often sit at the top amongst the students and music-loving seniors. Thanks for the Jessye Norman link, I love her!, and there are more great performances to explore at that site - bliss!

I see your LIEBESTOD and raise you a BEIM SCHLAFENGEHEN:


Don't miss the violin solo at the 1.42 mark.

But, no, nothing compares to Jessye Norman. Monumental, shattering. Her version of the Strauss Four Last Songs--not available on youtube--is worth seeking out.

oh, to live in a city again.....

Hmm... a warm familiar place, this. Good to be back.

I really miss watching opera. There are a lot of good offerings here in Japan, but at about $700 on average for a ticket, it's not something I have the wherewithal to indulge in. I could better afford a round trip ticket to Europe and see something far more festive for almost half the price altogether.

"The music was sung in German, and there were projected titles in French and English - enough to make the stage swim in front of your augen, yeux and eyes." LOL! I enjoyed that!

I also enjoyed your appreciation of audiences. I often turn to look at people engaged with a performance. I would have liked the fifteen year olds discussing the sheet music. How moving.

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