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February 18, 2007


I was just catching up, and you snagged me with "les grenouilles d’eau bénite" -- unchurched as I am, I know the type well and by George, they are froglike, except for their screechy voices. Some of them, of course, are wonderful people and would be hurt to be compared to frogs, but durn it, if it's squat, prone to jumping (and lashing out with the tongue), and hangs around the holy water, it's a grenouille!

I think that the United States' insistence on religious freedom might leave everybody a lot more choice, but it makes the churches themselves much more serious, as if being subject to the marketplace of ideas means you can never let up. Or maybe it merely frees us to get much nastier when we turn to bad language.

I had no idea that Montreal was "sin city" for eastern Canada. I have this theory that every region has somewhere to go to let one's hair down, more or less, and for the rest of the region to look down upon. The U.S. has several, like New Orleans (that was), or Las Vegas and certainly New York. I once read a blurb about a church planning a bus trip to Sin City... Absurd as it sounds, Cleveland's entertainment district had a run as a draw for sleazy conventioneers that drew folks from all over the state until things got out of hand.

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