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March 03, 2007


Wait. You were a hippie? :o

The last big snofall we got here was a similar scene. My dad tried for two days to get his tractor-mounted snowblower to work, without success. Ultimately he had to use the bulldozer instead. The road's still a mess. In fact, I got the car stuck down there this very evening. Shoulda walked.

Synclavier? New England Digital?

The Whole Foods here was selling these "Evert-fresh green bags" that are supposed to help keep produce fresher longer. I bought some to try out. They're not cheap, but can be reused for some unspecified number of times before they lose their effectiveness. Might be worth it to keep stuff that actually has flavor around awhile (hard for me since I'm the only one eating it).


I think Triks would love a snow blower. Well, snow would be a start! I'm sure it is hard work having so much snow but it sounds good to me.

This year Japan is having it's lowest amount of snow in recorded history. It's going to cause major problems for farmers, water tables, wildlife. This is the first year in my life that I haven't seen snow. What a strange notion.

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