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March 08, 2007


Somehow, i don't think anyone really thought about a real-world basis for cooties when I was in 1st grade. They were invisible, like germs, and possessed pretty much by all girls, as I understood it. Special girl-germs. Obviously a tool of the patriarchy.

I wonder what happened to M?

don't you find that it's the unexpected things that remind you of your mother, that make you think 'I'll call and tell her that' and then you catch your breath as you remember that she is no longer there... if I had a euro for every time I have thought 'I wish...' since my mother died I would be rich

Dave - very funny!! We'll have to export some to those Nigerian archbishops.

Zuleme: me too. I've got my Dad working on it.

Mouse - Absolutely. I wonder if I will ever get used to it. The remembering is not as sharp or sudden as it was at first, but it still happens very often. Sigh! At least we both had mothers with whom we were able to talk, and I'm grateful for that.

it was the"opportunity class"

Beth, I'm afraid I never got used to my father not being around, and he died 18 years ago this May, I suspect that mothers are even harder to let go. It does help to remember what you had rather than what you lost but even so, huge sigh, indeed

Beth - what are cooties?

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