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March 29, 2007


Hi, Beth. Glad your mouth is feeling normal again. Whew!

Best thing... mmm, the banana smoothie I had recently was particularly more-ish. Yum.

Banana smoothie. Serves 4.
4 bananas
500 ml yoghurt
2-4 tsp honey
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Whizz it all in a food processor.

I am celebrating spring, the hanging of a picture of Buddha on a wall and the soon-to-be arrival of my son from England

and the best thing I have eaten lately is a home-cooked chicken korma and pilay rice (curry being the National Dish of the British, even in exile)

Pressed cloves of garlic turned golden in a skillet with olive oil. Add tomato paste, hot wilted spinach, pepper, salt. Mix till red and green are evenly distributed, like berries on a yew. Place in bowl with cool fresh avocado on top.

Thanks, Ivy! I can't eat bananas so it would have to be another fruit, like strawberries, but smoothies are great.

Mouse - you made me laugh with your "national dish" - and thanks for the comment about what you're doing these days.

Bill - wow, I never would have thought of that recipe, but it sounds great and I love your description of the red and green!

Birria de Chivo at La Providencia. Birria is goat that has been marinated then slow cooked for many hours. It is served in it's own juices and flavored with lots of spices like clove and garlic. You garnish it with fresh onion and cilantro. Then you squeeze fresh lime juice and add some salsa to taste. This is all mopped up with 4 handmade tortillas. Fresh and hot. Agua de pina(pineapple water) to drink. Flan for dessert.

Ooh, I'm salivating at the thought of the goat! I love goat. Had South European and African recipes, but never Latin American.

My sympathies indeed for the dental procedures. My turn for this in due course, as I have a gap on one side and am going to need a bridge. Hammering and cracking - eergh, I think this upsets me as much as the pain.

What's worth celebrating - a new friend. Someone I really love and admire who seems to like me a lot too.

Best thing eaten this week: steak for lunch today. Sorry - not the thing for your new bridge yet! (and I'm not as voraciously carnivorous as I'm sounding here, do love things like goat and steak every now and then)

I can sympathize with the dentist. I spent an hour getting two teeth filled this morning. Being scared of the dentist finally caught up with me. At least when everything is done, I can truly smile again and not worry about the teeth.


Had a hamburger for the first time in about fifteen years last weekend in Bristol. Dee-lish.

An enormous chicken biriani, from which, 36 hours later, I am still recovering. (At least, I hope I am..!)

Bread made by my father-in-law. Delicious in its own right. More so because it was made by him.

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