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March 28, 2007


When we lived in Columbia, MO for a short time I helped out at the St Francis Community Catholic Workers House. I helped out with the soup kitchen. Thank you for the post. It brought back memories for me. Like Beth says consider donating money, food and or time to a Catholic Worker House in your community. If you donate your time, I guarantee you will be changed.

Fred, thanks a lot for this comment. I agree that volunteering time to programs like this is a life-changing proposition, because unlike many soup kitchens and shelters where the "givers" remain largely isolated from the "recipients," that's not the case among the Catholic Workers, where sharing living space and food is part of the whole concept of hospitality. In our small town in Vermont, the community dinner program required the kitchen staff to go out and eat with the guests and get to know them. It certainly changed me, and made me much less afraid to talk to the homeless and street-dwelling people wherever I am; often I find this is even more important than a handout, and besides, like you say, it changes and helps me too.

Couldn't be more relevant or timely. To try and give love when one is longing to flick that switch....there's the rub! And the answer.

Oh joy! that's some of the best Catholic Worker writing I've read since Dorothy died!

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