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April 27, 2007


This is so funny. I was reading the first scentences of this post and thought about my friend Wim. Then I saw his name an shivers went down my spine. It's a small word, excuse me for the pun. Here's a picture of him when he visited me in Montréal and we ate one of those huge sandwiches at Santropol. The text is in Dutch, sorry.

Mare - how strange and wonderful, this web of ours! Please tell Wim hello - I sent him a note this morning anyway to tell him how much I enjoyed his photographs - and thanks for the picture link; I managed to figure out the gist of what the caption said!

oh dear. I read that first sentence as 'in my naturist days' and was almost too embarassed to read further lest there be a startling revelation

that's what comes of a repressed British upbringing!

me, I was (and still am) into fungi

Fantastic work by Wim, and essay by Chris! Thanks, Beth. (My first longer comment yesterday seems to have disappeared into the ether...)

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