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May 10, 2007


you see, this is one of the significant differences. in the US, they tell us NOT to smile.


wonderful Beth - I really enjoyed this!

And you're so right - confident hair - the perfect descriptor. The english are cursed with shy, self-consious hair.

I have the ultimate in confident hair I guess - a grade 4 buzz. Somewhere between tibetan monk and 12 year old boy :)

Your hair sounds lovely though - and scott is spot on - in the UK we're not allowed to smile any more either! I think I might emigrate to a country that wants it's citizens to be joyful.


This was funny, I was giggling -- I hate that part too where you emerge under a robe from the sink, looking like a drowned ratty... sounds like you got a great cut and it wasn't too much of an ordeal, even!

A good haircut is a marvelous thing, isn't it? :)

I don't mind the "drowned" portion, so much as the vulnerability of having things done to my head that I can't quite see (very nearsighted without the glasses). There's always a surprise at the end - though, usually, it's not a bad one!

Whenever we move, never feel that we have really made a home until I find a hairdresser. My hair is thick and coarse and frizzy and someone who knows how to cut and style it is rare. Congratulations on finding Veronique! Now you have tres chic salon tresses for your new life north of the border.

J'ai hâte de voir le résultat! Je suis certaine que tu es très jolie!

Well, your choice of illustration certainly has a zing to it! Quelle artiste?

Je ne sais pas, Martine...je vais me laver mes cheveux ce matin, sans Véronique, et alors...nous allons voir! J'espère que cet "look" est facile maintainir!

Bill, the artist is Maurice Denis, one of the group known as the "Nabis." There's a big retrospective exhibition of his work at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Montréal, but I haven't gone to it, and now I see it's closing on May 20. Too bad. Here is a link if you want to know more: http://www.mmfa.qc.ca/en/expositions/exposition_124.html

I have not enjoyed a trip to the salon as much as this since the movie "Shampoo"!

Oh, yeah, sure, I know of him, but I'd like to know more, so thanks for the link. I'd thought perhaps the artist was un secret de Quebec.

Oh yes, that grim moment! I don't think I'd quite admitted it to myself before, but now you say it... Funnily enough my latest hairdresser is also Veronique! She comes to my friend's house, who loves hosting the salon, as does her 7 year old daughter, and the atmosphere is jolly and keeps me better distracted from the more negative aspects. In fact, unlike Rana, I find being short-sighted can be a distinct advantage!

Your description of the mirror moment is priceless and will certainly come to me next time I have that moment! Finding a hairdresser you like is certainly a Montreal rite of passage.

Never underestimate the spirits-lifting effect of a new hairdo. Glad you found a good stylist!

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