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May 30, 2007


Well at least it wasn't hot mulled cider on a beige carpet. Oh that was fun to clean up. It was in a glass mug that all sudden dropped it's bottom.

"as I usually do when performing such tasks, I rather liked the methodical process of applying warm water, rubbing and rubbing, removing the dark water, starting over until each spot had disappeared under the circular movements of my hand"
Wait, are you sure you're talking about spots on the *floor*?

I think we must all have at least one kitchen disaster story! Loved reading about yours. Your sense of humour is restored, thankfully for our great benefit. (Dave's a tease.)

I *love* 'like candy in a warm mouth'.

What a saintly person you are to find pleasure in clearing up such a mess; I think I'd have just taken the pizza option... then moved house.

you're lucky that none of that hot sugar landed on you! The dish sounds like a nice flavor melange...enjoyed this.

ay ay ay! Just goes to show how you can make a beautiful story out of a mess, Beth. I think I too would have gone for the pizza option and the "I'll do it later" approach.

Pretty funny, Dave! I should re-read what I've written once in a while...

And to all of you who think I'm saintly, forget it: I was pretty bummed out, but recovered. The worst moment was when the stuff first landed, sizzling, and we both thought it was burning holes in the floor...Sylph, I was VERY glad I didn't get any on my hands!

For a truly stunning mess, I recommend letting a 9-year-old make a Mother's Day breakfast on her own after having discovered what interesting things one can do with self-rising flour. I envy you the simplicty your choice between cleaning up and going for pizza....

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