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May 13, 2007


This is all so lovely. When I grow up I am moving to Montreal!

Your meal of middle eastern food sounds great! The closest restaurant serving that food is 90 miles away. But worth the drive!

Vermont is wonderful, isn't it? The last time I was there I just about cried, because it was so refreshingly different than Wal-Mart land, where I currently reside. Luckily, I get to go back this year, too!

Oh those chillies and olives look so good!!! I laughed, with recognition I think, of the sentiment when you said that you always want to shop when hippies are welcome.

"Hippies are welcome"
I LOVE that!
A lovely post that made me smile, and reach for the Middle Eastern cookbooks
Thank You

What neighbourhood was that?


I need to say I love reading your blog. Being a Quebecer (ex-Montrealer), it's nice to read how people see and live Quebec/Montreal. I hope you feel at home and will stay here a while, you're a great contribution to this city ;)

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