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June 02, 2007


"All right, I think I know where I am now." ..."Good"...

Most of my family is buried in Kansas. I have now, on my desk, a pile of pictures and notes from my materlinial line. One of them shows a "ranch" in western Kansas in 1910. There is dust in the air. One of the psalms says "I am wonderfully made...", and I think that is the truth. That's why we remember.


Beth, this is such a wonderful post. You have that unobtrusively perfect sense of timing that makes an ordinary sentence such as "'Good,' he said, and fell asleep." land like the final hammer-stroke of a master carpenter.

It reminds me of E.B. White at his best; it's quintessentially New England.

Beth, Dale has expressed my sentiments exactly. What a lovely sequence of posts about your Memorial Day family time; such a nice touch to include the correspondence with your friend from China.

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