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June 05, 2007


Ah, I hear you, Beth. Keep well, be happy. And what a beautiful photo.

Long live the rebellion! Though its war of omission in my case lately involves missed calendar dates and missled bill payments (though we have the money).

Wild yellow roses. If you remember, go back this fall and pick the rosehips for some tea!

As long as you keep questioning whether you're okay with it, and keeping quiet enough, while the petals fall, to hear the answer...

I love this Beth. the idea that you can quietly rebel by forgetting to carry your camera ... underneath that there is some obligation - to ... ?

To share how amazing the world is? That is how it feels to me. Perhaps it is ok to simply enjoy it for yourself once in a while.


Thanks, Marja-Leena! I'm glad you liked the photo - I did too! Those are my grandmother's peonies, still growing in my garden.

I hear you, Peter! I suppose it hits all of us in different ways...I'm not the one who pays the bills in our household, fortunately!

Will do, Fred! (Though these are in a public park - like the blossoms, i'm not going to take very many.)

Yes, Jean, I think that's what one has to do. And yes, Stray, that's it. Odd to realize it so bluntly.

It's OK to forget your camera Beth = memory is good too!

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