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June 28, 2007


Happily hanging with you! Wishing you lots of between-the-dance respite and play-time.

I am glad to hear that you'll still be writing. I am hardly a daily writer of my own blog, so wouldn't have thought it spiritually ---or even seasonally--- suspicious for you to take a break from it if you needed to. Presumptious, of me, isn't it, since I don't know you ? But I do enjoy your writing and am pleased that you'll be posting in a manner that suits you. I assume must speak for some other readers when I promise you that we'll adjust to a less frequent schedule. Godspeed.

Second thought, best thought, I always say.

Not being able to keep up with my accustomed level of blog reading (and linking) has turned out to be the hardest part of my technology-imposed slowdown, too.

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

No worries, I'll be here whenever you are! Wish you well this summer, in balancing work, friends and family, your own creative writing and some free time to look after yourself too!

I tell you what. When I have a moment for blog-surfing, I will observe that you haven't done anything lately and go down through some of your blogroll and leave comments for THEM. It's not quite the same, to be sure, but maybe they'll feel as if their community has expanded a little from spillover from yours. (Besides, the blogs you endorse have universally proven to be good choices.) I just wish I had more time to spend...

Now that is a great offer! Thanks, Peter!

And thank you to everyone who has written comments on this post and the previous one, especially John and Cordelia - I'm very glad to hear from people who have seldom commented here; a warm welcome to you, and please write again!

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